Korea Shipmanagers Co., Ltd.

Company Policy

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  • 1

    All activities of the company shall observe the KS Q ISO 9001:2009, KS I ISO 14001:2009, K-OHSMSOHSAS 18001:2007, ISM CODE and International statute and regulations.

  • 2

    Placing the highest priority on the health and safety of all personnel of the company by providing the work environment safety and comfortable.

  • 3

    Company shall grasp customer requirements and provide the service where the customers satisfy.

  • 4

    Company shall prevent hazard factor and accident occurrence possibility.

  • 5

    Company shall minimize the discharge of environmental pollution materials and remove the cause of resource waste by using the effective resource and energy preservation ways as can as possible.

  • 6

    Company shall execute surely the measure for drugs and alcohol according to the company procedure.

  • 7

    Company shall make continuous improvement for the efficiency of SHEQ Management System.

  • 8

    Company shall establish and implement detailed objective to appropriate execution and continuous improvement of above SHEQ policy. Concrete execution plan shall be reflected in yearly business plan and execute and manage it.

  • 9

    All staff shall observe the policy. objective and duty performance methods which required by SHEQ Management System and shall perform faithfully their responsibility and duty.